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Online & Telephone Counselling

To enquire about online or telephone counselling call 07565 662306.


Revive Counselling & Psychotherapy now offers online and telephone therapy to help the needs of our clients. This is so that you can access our services from the comfort of your own home. All you need is access to the internet from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop for online counselling. Or simply a phone for telephone counselling. 
Benefits for online and telephone counselling
  • Revive Counselling & Psychotherapy are providing support for people who are experiencing mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and other issues. 

  • Therapy sessions with one of our qualified counsellors in the comfort of your own home or wherever feels most convenient to you.

  • Being able to access support and receive therapeutic support without having to travel.

  • Flexible appointments, day times, evening and weekend sessions available.

  • Short term, or long-term therapy available.

  • A choice of your preferred therapist.

How to book an appointment

To book an appointment for online or telephone counselling you can call 07565 662306 or email


Online and telephone therapy sessions are £50.00 per session, sessions are 50 minutes long. 


For online counselling you will need to download and create an account on Zoom. Your therapist will then “invite you to a meeting” on Zoom, and this will be at your confirmed appointment time. 


For telephone counselling at the confirmed appointment time your therapist will call you.

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