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Face to face / Online / Telephone counselling 

 £50 per session


Counselling is a very personal experience, and we promise that we will keep anything which you talk about in counselling confidential.

The only exceptions to this will be if we are worried that what you're talking about raises concerns of serious harm to yourself, or someone else, or if Child Protection issues come up. These exceptions are all about keeping you and other people around you safe.

We are also legally required to pass on certain kinds of information relating to money laundering and terrorism, or if a valid court order is issued.

All our counsellors have supervision, which helps keep our work safe and high quality. Although some information about what you share in counselling may be discussed, nothing will be shared which could help identify you. For example, we might tell our supervisor that we are seeing "Client 38" and they are having difficulty caring for their disabled mother.

Our supervisor is mostly interested in knowing how we are feeling, and helping us offer the best counselling, rather wanting to know personal details about our clients.

Data Protection

The information you share with us is sensitive and important, and we fully understand that it must be protected and securely managed. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office, and follow the appropriate regulations.

We will take contact information from you as a client, which will include your name, address, and emergency contact details. This information will only be used by your counsellor to keep in touch with you. We will never sell your personal data to anyone.

We will only ever pass your personal data to someone else (like another counsellor or support organisation) with your permission. We will always talk this through with you in detail to make sure you know what is being shared.

We will keep brief notes about our sessions. These will be kept in a secure, locked, cabinet. Your session notes will be kept separately from any personal details about you, and no-one will be able to identify you as an individual from your notes.

You have a right to see your notes, and you also have the right to make corrections to any data we hold on you if you feel anything is incorrect.

After our sessions are finished, we will archive your session notes and store them separately for 3 years. This is a requirement of our insurance. After this time, all material will be securely destroyed.

At any point during or after our sessions you have the right to ask us to delete your data. We will be happy to do this - although, of course, if we don't have your permission to hold information about you we will not be able to continue counselling.

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